Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SPRING .. uh oh!

Down here in lil ol' NZ Spring is officially here (and has officially been here for nearly a month). I love that the cold of winter is over, I love new lambs, new calves and pretty fresh flowers. You may think this picture is pretty and love it - and I do actually like the picture but ...
...if I was looking at it in real life I would freak out because I get MAJOR hayfever :-( Which makes me kinda hate spring!! I have to stock up on these:
Although the hayfever starts with grass pollens, once I get it - everything else that usually doesn't set it off .. does! So Spring is also the time when I stop using perfumes and change my usual shampoo and conditioner from this delicious smelling Herbal Essences:
To these, eco friendly though not so luscious eco store shampoo and conditioner:

Also, I say goodbye to my Lux body wash that is fragrant and delish:
and say hello to my Living Nature nourishing body wash. Mine is from their old line of stock which you can't buy anymore. This may have to do with them changing from their old smell of weird minty smells to a new fragrant smell. I love the new smell, however, my hayfever does not. So, luckily I managed to stockpile a whole lot of old stock before it sold out *phew*.
Anyway, that's my exciting change of season for you. New, less fragrant and a lot more sneezy!
Sima J


  1. I so know the hayfever issue. except I have never thought to change my smelly stuff. Good thought. I just pop a zyrtec everyday, and keep going. Your way is probably much better for the body.

  2. I would love to just pop a zyrtec everyday but I have seriously tried E-V-E-R-Y anti-hayfever medicine on the market, including the natural ones and NOTHING stops it! I have found one (Good Health Allergy Check) that lessens the effects (but you can't take anything when you're pregs or breastfeeding! DARN!)


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